National City

In-store Promotions and Employee Communications

National City is one of the top ten largest bank holding companies in the country. Recently, we developed and launched an innovative retail promotion that borrowed from the traditional Back To School theme commonly used by retailers during the third quarter. Concepts included the headline “Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall” to tap into consumers’ changing mindset as the seasons change. We also created sub-themes like Back To Business (for small business customers), Back To Life (for homeowners) and Back To Basics (for investors) and then bundled related products and services under each one to target that segment’s specific needs. The campaign launched in July 2004 and will be followed by a Holiday campaign that is currently in development. We also developed a training toolkit to help store employees understand the new in-store communications strategy and tactics.

Employee Communications Campaign


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Q3 2004 Back-to-School Campaign

Q4 2004 Holiday Campaign


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